Who would push their customers into a well?

September 22nd, 2016

There’s a saying I learned years ago: People buy on emotion and defend their purchase on logic.

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

So why do Sales Training programs miss the point so often?

In my experience there are two ways our prospects and customers can receive data and information: 1. A justification for proceeding with a purchase or 2. An emotional punch in the guts, that activates the amygdala (don’t ask me to pronounce it). At its core, a human being is subject to the same primal responses to our ancestors. Fear manifests as fight or flight. Which leads me to an interesting conundrum, that we spend so much time engaging our prospects in logic, sometimes we forget to probe them for an emotional response.

The Challenger sales method makes use of the idea of emotionally engaging our customers by way of challenging the status quo. I like it to an analogy of pushing our client into the well, then handing them a rope to hoist them out.

My hypothesis: Would spending more time on emotionally engaging our clients bring a different result?

If so, how would we emotionally engage them? The old hat method of dazzling them with numbers and upside is perhaps no longer working in the same way. My theory being, that unless our customers Amygdala is activated, they will view what we have to say and present as perhaps interesting, relevant and or logical, rather than scary, frustrating and compelling. If our customers are also susceptible to the same concept of “Buy on emotion, defend on logic”, then we must push them into a well, metaphorically of course.

What are your favorite methods of pushing your customers into a well?


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This article was written by Ben Faranda.

Ben_FarandaBen Faranda is a senior facilitator and consultant with PDAGroup GmbH, specializing in sales & leadership capability, team performance and growth mindset.  For over ten years, Ben has worked in over 40 countries with the world’s largest IT companies, including: SAP, Microsoft, HP and others.



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