Value Selling for SAP Partners: How to Build a Value-based Business Case

This e-book provides you with a comprehensive introduction into the world of value selling and how SAP sales professionals can make the most out of value-based business cases in their sales efforts.

This guide advises you, as an SAP sales representative, to follow four simple steps to successfully deploy value-based business cases in your sales cycle. You will be introduced to the four steps used to thoroughly build a value-based business case. Examples will help you better understand the approach of value selling.

The e-book concludes with the top 3 tips for building business cases and an outlook that even takes the value selling approach one step further.

After reading this e-book, you will be able to:

  • Diagnose your prospects’ business drivers
  • Align the benefits of your solution with your prospects’ pains
  • Quantify the value of your solutions in financial terms
  • Give your prospects an outlook with regards to the implementation


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