Study Reveals the Success of Design Thinking – How Valuable is it For You?

April 4th, 2016

In their latest study “Parts Without a Whole?” researchers at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) found out that businesses are using Design Thinking in a more extensive and diverse way than assumed. 71% of the respondents stated that the innovation concept of Design Thinking had improved the working culture in their teams. Even the innovation processes became significantly more efficient for many companies (69%) and the involvement of end users occurred more frequently (48%). That all together increases profitability in the long run.


As stated in a recent insightful article by Stanford Business, more and more companies are turning to use Design Thinking as a problem-solving approach. This user-centric innovation process focuses on customer challenges to improve anything from the design of a water bottle to the design of a community water supply. “If you are a good problem solver, you are creative. Creative doesn’t mean you’re Van Gogh or Picasso; they are creative in their own discipline. You can be creative in your own discipline. If you can solve problems, you can be creative.” Stefanos Zenios, professor of operations, information, and technology at Stanford GSB. Yet Design Thinking is not only a valuable method for Entrepreneurs and big players like Deutsche Bank, BMW, IBM or Google. Everyone can use the power of creative problem-solving, also smaller and midsize companies (SMEs) of different industries. With such innovative techniques as Design Thinking you can be one step ahead of your competition – with exceptional, user-oriented solutions and low development costs. Which impact Design Thinking can have on business success is showing SAP very well in their short video “History of Design Thinking with SAP”.

So why again Design Thinking?

To sum it up, Design Thinking plays an important role for companies of all industries and sizes. It helps articulate what the end customer’s experience is going to be like. It helps focus all aspects of the business on understanding and articulating that future experience. The agile process flow ensures a user- and results-oriented work. At the same time it leaves enough space for open-ended brainstorming and continuous learning. As potential dead ends are detected early due to iteration Design Thinking can accelerate the innovation process and save costs. Really exceptional solutions can be only developed by who is questioning known assumptions and solutions and break new ground intellectually. With the creativity friendly working culture usually being lived in Design Thinking projects the participants can be assisted to think “outside the box”.  In case of success, perfect user customized processes, products, services or business models will arise as a result of exceptional measures. So even if you are a smaller company you could use 3rd party moderation experts or collaborate with others to be able to apply this powerful innovation method in the future. If you are interested in the Design Thinking approach try it in one of our Live-Workshops or book our Design Thinking experts as moderator for your next project!



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