Digital Transformation Advisory

In today’s world of digitization, transforming your businesses is no longer a nice thing to do but is also the key to surviving daily threats that could disrupt your business. As a game changer, digital transformation is a strategic decision as well as a process, putting together the right minds to fuse innovation with disruption. Supporting decision-makers to take the right steps toward the digital future to transform businesses and their workforces is our advisors’ expertise.

Business Benefits

  • Leadership and mentor support from Senior Leadership throughout your digital journey
  • Provided with a 360-degree view and run scenarios to remain relevant
  • Drive organization through disruptive challenges
  • Drive digital transformation and enable innovation through collaboration







“Real-time technology and the software that supports it will determine the enterprise architecture — but only if companies know how to harness it.”
Otto Schell
Member of Board of Directors – Business Processes and Industries Solution | DSAG |
Chairman International Relations | Diplomatic Council |
Global SAP Business Architect and Head of CCoE | General Motors |
Digital Transformation Advisor | PDAgroup |

Digital Transformation Advisor | PDAGroup

Business Development Manager &
Advisory Consultant | PDAGroup

Founding Partner | PDAGroup

Founding Partner | PDAGroup