Digital Transformation Advisory

In today’s world of digitization, transforming your businesses is no longer a nice thing to do but is also the key to surviving daily threats that could disrupt your business. As a game changer, digital transformation is a strategic decision as well as a process, putting together the right minds to fuse innovation with disruption. Supporting decision-makers to take the right steps toward the digital future to transform businesses and their workforces is our advisors’ expertise.

Business Benefits

  • Leadership and mentor support from Senior Leadership throughout your digital journey
  • Provided with a 360-degree view and run scenarios to remain relevant
  • Drive organization through disruptive challenges
  • Drive digital transformation and enable innovation through collaboration


The digital revolution will bring continuous change to a wide range of sectors, such as media, finance, manufacturing, consumer goods, and healthcare. Digital technologies are transforming the networking of value chains in production, factory operations, research and development, distribution, marketing, and services while generating enormous value for companies. Despite these facts, too few companies have taken advantage of digitalization—particularly in the SME sector—because the obstacles and risks of doing so are daunting to overcome.


Additionally, medium-sized companies are particularly overwhelmed by the wide range of information, offers, and ideas that come with new technological advances.

Management’s intense involvement in steering the digitalization process with a vision and strategy is, therefore, essential to making your business sink or swim. Implementing a digital strategy requires a 360-degree view of the company, including the digitalization of all departments. Qualification and further digitalization and industry 4.0 training programs are vital to employees’ future success.

Our integrated Digital Transformation Advisory approach is an ideal opportunity to tackle these challenges together. Creating a strategy tailored to the needs of your company, we develop innovative and customer-oriented business models for processes, products, and services. While solving problems in a creative, interdisciplinary, and solution-oriented manner, we keep the spotlight on people throughout the entire process. We will support you to find the right starting points and create the best conditions for your company and employees on the journey toward the digital future.

“Real-time technology and the software that supports it will determine the enterprise architecture — but only if companies know how to harness it.”
Otto Schell
Member of Board of Directors – Business Processes and Industries Solution | DSAG |
Chairman International Relations | Diplomatic Council |
Global SAP Business Architect and Head of CCoE | General Motors |
Digital Transformation Advisor | PDAgroup |
Digital Transformation Advisor | PDAGroup
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Founding Partner | PDAGroup