PDAgroup: The New Operator of the Innovative and Growing Job Platform ‘Academy Cube’

April 8th, 2014

A year ago the Academy Cube job and training platform was presented at CeBIT by Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for Digital Agenda and Jim Snabe, Co-CEO of SAP AG. The Academy Cube is designed to help improve the career prospects of job-seeking academics in the fields of mathematics, engineering, science and technology and to better meet high-tech companies’ demands for highly qualified employees.  The aim of the platform is to bridge the gap between the unemployed and companies with a lack of skilled workers.

The Academy Cube has now evolved into one of the most successful platforms for the targeted search of prequalified job candidates in Europe. Among the companies represented on the platform are Randstad, Festo, Microsoft, Software AG and SAP who offer over 1,000 jobs aimed at more than 8,600 qualified candidates. Additionally, partners from industry and educational and training institutions such as the University of Duisburg-Essen offer numerous e-learning and training modules to the registered candidates, helping them to directly earn the qualifications needed for the respective job offers with relevant content from the industry. SAP AG provided SuccessFactors, the technical platform for the Academy Cube, and assumed responsibility for the operation and development of the initiative.

“We are excited about the great response to our initiative and the positive feedback we have received from industry partners, trade associations, universities, and especially from students and job hunters. In order to ensure sustainable growth of the Academy Cube, we will transfer the project to an independent operator, as planned. Of course, SAP will remain a sponsor and user of the platform.”—Bernd Welz, Executive Vice President and Head of Solution and Knowledge Packaging, SAP AG

    Effective beginning on April 1, the responsibility for managing the EU-wide initiative is now being handed over to PDAgroup GmbH. For the company and its founders, the acquisition of the Academy Cube is the next logical step towards their vision. Over 10 years ago, a course of study at the intersection between management, communication and IT was established to start the fight against the shortage of skilled workers in these industries by offering a practical business-oriented university program. PDAgroup was established with the basic idea of bringing together qualified talented individuals from universities and colleges with their counterparts in business. From the very beginning, PDAgroup has supported initiatives to foster talented job seekers such as the “Talent Net for SAP Partners” as well as advanced training programs for companies. According to Dietmar Kilian, Managing Partner of PDAgroup, investing in the future of its employees is at the heart of PDAgroup’s philosophy. The Talent Net for SAP Partners, developed by PDAgroup, networks students interested in careers as an SAP consultant with SAP partner companies looking for suitable candidates. The Academy Cube follows a similar principle, but extends this concept.  It allows candidates to get in touch with a wide variety of companies in the industry, take advantage of educational opportunities and get their foot in the doors of attractive employers within the EU.

“Along with our partners such as SAP AG, we are proud to be able to carry on our vision while contributing to the reduction of unemployment and easing the shortage of skilled workers with the Academy Cube. In combination with the cutting-edge, individual training concepts that we have developed for businesses, we are confident that these companies will sustainably improve their potential for future success with the right candidates. “– Peter Mirski, Partner, PDAgroup GmbH

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