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Create Your Own Meaningful Virtual Presentation Environment

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The business need to meet and connect virtually increases as the budget for long and even short distance travel decreases. This saves time - one of the most valuable resources. As others are still waiting for the perfect all-in-one tool for virtual meetings, we have decided to take a different approach. We combine different tools in a meaningful way to get the...

15 Check Points for Effective Virtual Presentations


Online meetings and presentations differ from the in-person ones. This is obvious. But do you know how to handle this digitalization and the virtual environment appropriately for your sales activities? After numerous conversations with IT sales professionals and our own experience in using Virtual Studio selling, we came up with the following list of check points that might help you to make...

Why Should You Use (Digital) Whiteboard Conversations & Presentations

May 28th, 2015
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Make an Immediate Impression With Whiteboarding and Visuals in Your Customer Conversations Death by PowerPoint is omnipresent. We all have experienced it at least once, and most of us tend to fall into the same trap when presenting. Whiteboarding and visual storytelling might help you to avoid the trap of boring, cumbersome PowerPoint presentations.Death by PowerPointMicrosoft’s PowerPoint has been around since the...

Why Whiteboarding Is More Powerful than Traditional Presentations
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August 14th, 2014
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Do you find yourself getting bored of tedious powerpoint presentations? Do you feel overwhelmed by complex graphs and tons of facts and numbers? Do you often have problems even remembering what was said during the presentation? – If your answer was YES to any or all of those questions, well then maybe you should ask yourself why you still bother using oldschool...

Design Thinking – An innovative approach to defining project scopes

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Project managers often are faced with the challenge that projects, their boundaries and their contractual conditions have already been defined before they are even included as a project manager. Our presentation at the 5th "In Context" Project Management Convention was devoted to solving this problem. It was important for us to show companies a constructive solution that will help them consciously counteract...