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Determine Strategies and Action Plans With Design Thinking – A Customer Success Story

February 12th, 2015

With a fleet of 84 vehicles, Ledermair Transport Service GmbH has been well established in Tyrol, Austria. A change in leadership in the year 2013 has been accompanied by other changes that have been felt throughout the organization.Existing processes in planning logistics and fleet management have been increasingly challenged by the new management team, and new ideas and suggestions for improvements have...

Meeting the Customers’ Needs is the Key to Success:
Design Thinking at the IKB

November 13th, 2014

With 200,000 automated customer interactions per year, IKB (Innsbruck Municipal Services) is in constant contact with its customers. Day in and day out, the company processes registrations and de-registrations, handles inquiries and offers on-site services to their customers wherever they are. In 2014, IKB decided to make its customer service department even more customer-oriented by discovering which problems affect customer relationships and...

Learning & Gamification: Gamify Your Sales Trainings

November 8th, 2013
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Sales competitions are nothing novel. Organizations often hold contests within their sales teams to push them to reach specific sales goals like expanding into a new industry or simply following-up on leads. Here at PDAgroup, we thought it would be an exciting idea to apply the latest gamification techniques to enrich the learning environment of sales professionals in the SAP environment and...