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Customer Journey Mapping: How to be best prepared for an industry disruption!

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To be successful in business a company must consider the customer experience. Much like going through Selfridges in London, where everything is meticulously set out to excite and entice consumers into purchasing items, the same method is widely used online. Companies like Amazon, Apple and other tangible goods sellers have been leveraging the bountiful possibilities of the online customer experience for many...

Determine Strategies and Action Plans With Design Thinking – A Customer Success Story

February 12th, 2015

With a fleet of 84 vehicles, Ledermair Transport Service GmbH has been well established in Tyrol, Austria. A change in leadership in the year 2013 has been accompanied by other changes that have been felt throughout the organization.Existing processes in planning logistics and fleet management have been increasingly challenged by the new management team, and new ideas and suggestions for improvements have...

Have You Ever Considered Having a Sales Playbook?

November 20th, 2014
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You want to deliver higher revenue, close more deals, increase your sales team’s productivity or improve your sales process’ structure?  Sales playbooks can help! This article provides an overview of what a sales playbook is, why sales people need them, and how to create one.What is a sales playbook?A sales playbook is a collection of tactics, methods and approaches for closing deals...

Start to Think Like Your Customers

April 30th, 2014
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If you were your customer, how would you want a salesperson to approach you? Would you enjoy having spam emails in your inbox or always receiving the same types of cold calls? Would you want the salesperson to fulfil your needs in exactly the same way they resolved their other client’s challenges or would you want a solution that is modified to...