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Objection Handling Strategies Part II: A 4-Steps Process to Address Objections

January 14th, 2014
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In Part I of the Objection Handling Strategies post, you read about the five ways to elicit objections during your sales process. Once sales objections have been identified, you need to address them in the conversations with your clients. To do this, keep in mind the typical components of an objection handling technique: listening, questioning, clarifying and responding.The 4-Steps ProcessWe suggest following...

Objection Handling Strategies Part I: 5 Ways to Uncover Objections

December 30th, 2013
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In our previous post on objection handling during the sales cycle, we introduced you to the four most common objections SAP sales professionals face and what the reasons are behind them. But how can you actively uncover the objections your prospects have along the way? Here are five great strategies you can apply to uncover objections and help the sale progress more...