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How to Use Social Media for Employer Branding

May 8th, 2014
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Your employer brand is the perception of your organization as an employer and place to work, but actively developing this image, known as employer branding, takes a lot of work. While employer branding is already used by many organizations to attract, engage and retain top talents, the tactics used can vary greatly and should be adjusted depending on the target audience. One...

It’s a Matter of Choice! Why Employer Branding Matters?

List’s like Fortune’s “Best Companies” make it clear that being a good employer is good for business, and the discipline most concerned with the internal and external perception of employers is known as employer branding. But becoming a top-rated employer is not a matter of chance. The best employers know that they benefit from their reputation and they make decisions every day...

New Webinar: Employer Branding Essentials

January 23rd, 2014
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In today's uncertain and highly-competitive job market, employer branding is an essential tool for attracting and retaining the right talent. Employer branding, in a nutshell, enhances your company's employer brand and builds a positive reputation for your company. But it is not the same as advertising – employer branding is more! It is about developing a long-term strategy to attract, nurture and...

Human Resources & Innovation Strategies: 3 Ways the Leaders Plan to Stay Ahead in 2014

January 21st, 2014

Recently, Bersin by Deloitte published its 2014 predictions on global talent and HR challenges. They predict that in 2014 the world of talent, leadership and HR will dramatically change. Here we’d like to share what we at PDAgroup believe will be the top 3 HR strategies that will help the leading companies stay ahead of the pack in 2014!1. Winning companies will continuously...

How to Succeed in Employer Branding & Recruiting: Workshop for HR professionals

October 14th, 2013

The sourcing of potential employees, the recruitment of fitting applicants and, ultimately, their retention isn’t an easy task. HR departments of SAP Partners are struggling with these issues continuously.They are facing questions likeHow is an “Employer Value Proposition” defined and realized?How can the recruiting process be implemented successfully?Where can we cooperate with SAP when it comes to recruitment?These are serious, but thrilling...