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The Transformation of Cold Calling
How to contact leads using LinkedIn in 5 simple steps
Part I

January 13th, 2017
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The increased use of social media has revolutionized how we sell. The advent of social selling is symbolic of the deeply entrenched behaviour of B2B buyers, who now more than ever use social media as an significant component of their research efforts about the solutions available to them.The Accenture's state of B2B Procurement study has found that 94% of B2B buyers first...

Be part of live business or how to live digital transformation


Be part of live business – While the awareness for digital transformation was already the theme of the 2015 edition, SAP took digital revolution at this year’s CONNECT 2016 – SAP Partner Summit, to the next level: What, in reality, is live digitalization for SAP customers and what does it imply for SAP partners themselves?The digital revolution in sportsThis year’s SAP CONNECT...

Challenges Facing IT Companies in Digital Marketing

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Business is transforming across all sectors. We are living in the digital age and in order to remain competitive in the 21st century certain expectations must be met. Surprisingly, digital marketing is an area that IT companies have managed to successfully side step for a number of years. However, as the trend of customer centricity takes a firm grip on the industry...

How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Usage for Sales – As IT Solution Provider and Salesperson


 84% of IT solutions providers actively leverage LinkedIn for their social media activities. LinkedIn focuses on bringing business professionals together. The ability to create company pages, post job openings and join industry discussion groups on LinkedIn helps businesses to recruit top personnel and generate leads. As an extremely effective channel for establishing a digital presence, sales people can make use of LinkedIn...

Be More Successful with Industrial Design Thinking, even as a SME

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How exceptional customer focused and innovative solutions can be developed in the Digital Age with Design ThinkingNew technologies are changing our everyday life more and more rapidly. In the world of IoT small sensors and processors ensure that devices not only capture useful data but also evaluate it and communicate with each other. This technology shift enables new business models – also...