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Be part of live business or how to live digital transformation


Be part of live business – While the awareness for digital transformation was already the theme of the 2015 edition, SAP took digital revolution at this year’s CONNECT 2016 – SAP Partner Summit, to the next level: What, in reality, is live digitalization for SAP customers and what does it imply for SAP partners themselves?The digital revolution in sportsThis year’s SAP CONNECT...

Customer Journey Mapping: How to be best prepared for an industry disruption!

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To be successful in business a company must consider the customer experience. Much like going through Selfridges in London, where everything is meticulously set out to excite and entice consumers into purchasing items, the same method is widely used online. Companies like Amazon, Apple and other tangible goods sellers have been leveraging the bountiful possibilities of the online customer experience for many...

Customer Profiling: How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

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The IT sector is quickly becoming more and more customer centric and as such, companies have to adapt their usual tried and trusted methodology in order to remain competitive. Customer profiling is one way of understanding a customer better and provides a company the basis to develop digital marketing initiatives that match with the demands of their customers. Similar to service/product development...