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5 Trends in Channel Enablement

July 12th, 2017

As the pace of digitalization accelerates, so too must channel enablement while constantly reinventing itself so that vendors and partners can keep an edge over their competitors. Every time technology has changed, the lingo and topics that enablement has focused on needed to change along with it.Back in the beginning, channel organizations only sought out trainers for a handful of topics and...

Alarming Insight: IT Solution Providers Struggle in Generating Demand Online

February 4th, 2016
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In this article we highlight the three most alarming insights on the state of online lead generation at IT solution providers that we’ve developed on the back of the more than 100 website audits we’ve conducted for IT solution providers.93% of IT solution providers do not provide a mix of gated and non-gated contentWhile non-gated content helps to increase awareness of a...

Why Customers Aren’t Buying Your Software

January 5th, 2016
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Let’s imagine you work at a bank and you’re the head of an LOB. You’ve recently arrived at the conclusion that you need a new payment solution in order to process transactions more quickly. While you’ll need approval from the CIO before implementing anything new, you want to dig around online before proposing anything.First Step: Finding a SolutionSo you sit down at...

Success in B2B Pull Marketing: Clear Communication of Value can Work Wonders

Against the backdrop of an internet filled with innumerable bites of content that are being tweeted, liked and shared across a wide array of platforms, it’s a tough task to pique someone’s interest in, say, a human resources management software. For cloud software providers this is a major problem because their businesses need a large volume of customers to remain financially viable....

Thrive on Change with Customer-Centric Channel Management

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Consumers love it when industries get shaken up. Changes in processes or technology result in a flurry of new businesses offering better deals for lower prices, giving customers a license to be demanding. On the supply side of the equation though, change can be extremely difficult for those with established business models. Perhaps the industry facing the greatest change today is the...