How to Use Social Media for Employer Branding

May 8th, 2014

Your employer brand is the perception of your organization as an employer and place to work, but actively developing this image, known as employer branding, takes a lot of work. While employer branding is already used by many organizations to attract, engage and retain top talents, the tactics used can vary greatly and should be adjusted depending on the target audience.

One way to attract new employees is to leverage social media. Today’s top talents use programs like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to search for employers the world over—why not make use of this opportunity to reach out to them directly?

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The role of social media in employer branding Ultimately social media is a great way to present your company in a transparent and credible way and connect with a huge pool of young talents. Social media can:

  • Build communities around your company and employer brand.
  • Improve long-term relationships with potential candidates through engaging, two-way communication.
  • Enable your employees as brand ambassadors so that they can provide credible information and recommend your firm to potential employees.
  • Improve understanding about your brand through conversations and active listening.

Tips & tricks for leveraging your website and social media presence The social media environment is huge and you might not know where to start developing your employer brand. Below are some fundamental tips & tricks for creating an attractive employer brand that we’ve developed based on our experiences with SAP partners.

  • Position your vacancies so that they are visible on your career website and update them regularly.
  • Keep in mind that you should use different social media outlets to address different target groups. For example, you can target students and graduates using Facebook and university career events and target experienced professionals using XING, LinkedIn and your own company website.
  • The more information about your company you provide to candidates, the more you’l stand out as an employer. Try to provide details that give candidates a feel for the company as a whole, such as economic corporate data, the company’s vision, corporate history, career opportunities and further education and trainee programs.
  • An interactive career website or job profile offers more opportunities to candidates than one that simply posts the information. But try to keep it always short and simple–maybe you could create a video showing a typical work day. Watch SAP’s Employer Branding Video to get an idea:

Try giving offering candidates the opportunity to receive newsletters, application tips, notifications of vacancies or testimonials from current employees. With our new Academy Cube initiative we offer companies across Europe the option to present themselves in front of a broad pool of qualified applicants in the ICT and STEM environment.

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