How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Usage for Sales – As IT Solution Provider and Salesperson

May 24th, 2016


84% of IT solutions providers actively leverage LinkedIn for their social media activities. LinkedIn focuses on bringing business professionals together. The ability to create company pages, post job openings and join industry discussion groups on LinkedIn helps businesses to recruit top personnel and generate leads. As an extremely effective channel for establishing a digital presence, sales people can make use of LinkedIn as an added sales tool.

What companies can do to better leverage LinkedIn for sales

  • Optimize the description of your company for search. Create a list of 5-6 words or short phrases that your target audience (would) use to find your business and add these keywords to your company profile.
  • Create Showcase pages to promote a specific solution that your business offers. Showcase Pages are limited to a number of ten per company profile.
  • Create and embed a “follow us” button to your business’ website. Consider to use LinkedIn’s service to generate such a button. Consider to also generate such buttons for your Showcase pages.
  • Regularly publish informative, insightful and inspirational updates. Only post occasionally company-related updates. Try to avoid overly salesy messages.

What salespeople can do to better leverage LinkedIn

  • Add and update details of your LinkedIn profile as it showcases your personal brand and is the basis for all social selling activities.
  • Grow your network by connecting with current and former colleagues, friends and customers. Make sure you are not single-threaded connected to your customers; rather connect with all people you know at your customers (ideally from the buying center).
  • Whenever you use private messages or contact requests customize the text message to make it more personal. For example mention where you met the person or what common interests you have.
  • Develop your personal content strategy and publish content on LinkedIn. Consider to use private messages, updates, public posts or group posts to share content with your contacts and even the public.
  • Audit your LinkedIn Social Selling Index and improve the score by establishing their professional brand, connecting with target customers and building relationships.


This article was written by Marina Brenner, MA. Marina Brenner is a product and project manager at PDAgroup GmbH. Her consulting focus is the digital transformation of businesses, including marketing and innovation management. Together with clients she develops innovative strategies to solve their challenges and achieve sustainable revenue growth.



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