Have You Ever Considered Having a Sales Playbook?

November 20th, 2014

You want to deliver higher revenue, close more deals, increase your sales team’s productivity or improve your sales process’ structure?  Sales playbooks can help!

This article provides an overview of what a sales playbook is, why sales people need them, and how to create one.

What is a sales playbook?

A sales playbook is a collection of tactics, methods and approaches for closing deals faster and better. The sales playbook is a collection of the best practices of your best sales people. It describes the behavior of high performers in different situations that could come up in sales during each stage of the customer’s buying process. The sales playbook should be used as a guide for the whole sales team. Now think about what could happen if all of your sales people work like your best sales people – close more deals, land more deals with higher profit margins and do so earlier in the sales cycle.

Why do sales people need sales playbooks?

Sales playbooks…

  • Get the sales and marketing teams on the same page.
  • Refresh sales trainings.
  • Train and onboard new sales people faster.
  • Create a sales process and help identify failures and weaknesses.
  • Help your sales team to identify the buyers’ needs in every stage of your customers’ buying cycle. Therefore, your sales people can provide them with the right information at the right time.
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What is the best way to create a sales playbook?

First, you need to determine who is responsible for creating the sales playbook.  Will it be marketing or sales? All of the key people need to be involved in creating the sales playbook: marketing, sales, product marketing, sales leaders, sales reps (the future users of the playbook) and other experts who are relevant for selling your products and services.  Once you have the right people involved you can then focus on the content. The sales playbook should:

  • Define your sales process and the different stages in your customers’ buying processes.
  • Describe what needs to be done during each of the different stages and which information is needed. This way your sales reps will know how to best engage with the customer.
  • Include a customer analysis and competitive analysis.
  • Make clear what the value propositions of your company and its products are. How does the product solve your customers’ problems and what is unique about your product?
  • Detail the metrics used to measure the sales effectiveness.

You should create one sales playbook per product. Store it on your internal portal so that every sales person has access to it along with the ability to comment on parts that should be changed or updated. If you need help enhancing your sales team, check out our sales workshops and discover firsthand what we can do to optimize your business!

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