Employer Branding Essentials: An Explanatory Webinar

This webinar provides you with a comprehensive introduction into the world of employer branding and shows you how business can make the most out of developing an effective employer brand.

The Employer Branding Essentials Webinar will give you an overview of what employer branding is and why it matters for your company. You will also be shown various methods for implementing employer branding at your company and you will learn how your business can benefit from using it.   After watching this webcast, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is an employer brand and what is employer branding?
  • Why is employer branding relevant for businesses?
  • What is does the process of developing an employer brand look like?
  • What is an Employer Value Proposition (EVP)?
  • How can you implement employer branding at your business?
  • Which companies can be considered to be examples of best practices when it comes to employer branding?
  • How can you benefit from developing an employer brand?

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