Customer Journey Mapping: How to be best prepared for an industry disruption!

September 7th, 2016

To be successful in business a company must consider the customer experience. Much like going through Selfridges in London, where everything is meticulously set out to excite and entice consumers into purchasing items, the same method is widely used online. Companies like Amazon, Apple and other tangible goods sellers have been leveraging the bountiful possibilities of the online customer experience for many years with great success. The opposite can be said for IT companies however.

Customers are becoming savvier due to the vast sums of information available to them on the internet, and the ‘experience’ is a vital element of transforming a website visitor to a genuine sales lead. It is naïve to suggest that the sheer force of a brand will drive business growth and also retain current cliental and certain expectation have to be met if relationships are to remain and new businesses enter the business.  

Identify Consumer Touch Points

Currently many IT companies suffer from the same problem, overly cluttered websites that do not navigate well and make it difficult for users to find the information they need to make an informed decision. Consider the multitude of touch points a consumer is faced with and ask yourself these questions?

  • Do you have a digital omni-channel strategy?
  • Where do online users first see your company, is it on social media perhaps?
  • Are they easily directed to your company’s web page?
  • Is there a clear break down of what you have to offer on the website that can be found within two – three clicks?
  • Are the company details easy to find, and is it simple to contact you for more information about your services?
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The above may seem like very obvious and simple questions, however putting yourself in the shoes of the customer and mapping out their online journey will go a long way in delivering the kind of service that many consumers expect. As is the case with almost all IT companies, the online consumer experience or customer journey is not merely mapped out to the point of obtaining a sales lead, it goes much further than that. The ‘after sales’ experience is crucial, as many IT companies provide cloud based software services that require constant maintenance and in turn call upon a smooth online user experience for customer that require assistance with a wide range of issues.  

Best Preparation for Changing Industry Climate

As consumer behaviour becomes more complicated and layered, the necessity for IT companies to adhere to the needs of customers by providing easy to find, understandable online content is vital to growing a business in an increasingly competitive industry. It is important to have a holistic approach when looking to map your customer’s journey online and then to assess the more granular details of the touch points that can effect a user’s experience. Having done this, seek to improve the customer journey in the best way possible in order to ensure that your company is well prepared for the ever changing climate of the IT industry.  

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