Challenges Facing IT Companies in Digital Marketing

June 9th, 2016

Business is transforming across all sectors. We are living in the digital age and in order to remain competitive in the 21st century certain expectations must be met. Surprisingly, digital marketing is an area that IT companies have managed to successfully side step for a number of years.

However, as the trend of customer centricity takes a firm grip on the industry there has been a unified realization that customers are more than aware of what is out there in an already saturated market place and in turn, IT corporations need to seek competitive advantages in areas differing from product/service offerings, namely; digital marketing.

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To understand how to successfully approach this, four challenges have been identified that need to be addressed before any serious strides can be made in crating a digital marketing strategy for your company.

Meeting the expectations of customers in the digital age

Customers at this technologically advanced time have certain standards that must be upheld by all companies, especially online. The “always-on” generation hate waiting, and as such, standing in line for services is fast becoming a thing of the past. In turn, easy online accessibility and website navigation is key, particularly when many IT companies have never had to rely on such means to attract business. To remain competitive and provide the kind of cloud based service that many businesses are switching to, an uncomplicated and user-friendly system as well as an online presence that invites customers to interact with a company is vital components to future success.

Employees digitally transforming a company

Finding and retaining employees who are capable of helping digitally transform a company is one challenge that many companies are facing across all sectors, not just in IT. Such talents come at a premium but their ability to design cutting edge customer interactions is what will enable an IT company to cogently communicate with customers on a two way basis in a manner that is required from a business in the digital age. With the competitiveness of the market increasing on a daily basis, the need for employees that can constantly adapt and develop in an ever-changing industry is certainly a defining a factor between success and failure. “Your number one customers are your people. Look after employees first and then customers last.” – Ian Hutchinson, author of People Glue

Utilization of big data

Big data is the big thing, and as a company it can be one of the most useful tools in the arsenal if it is harnessed and used correctly. First and foremost acquiring the information is the main priority. Assessing your cliental and online users is how majority of the necessary information can be gained. You probably have your website equipped with all the required features, but in order to gage a better understanding of your customer the creation of a form, that enables your users to field their questions and concerns is a great starting base for collecting data. CRM systems can also be utilized to this effect, as they conveniently store a range of client information, predominantly regarding sales, and provides a more interpersonal perspective of customers and certainly adds to the scope of information that can be used effectively throughout the digital transition process.

Understand your online presence

Whether you like it or not your business has an online footprint, and users regularly scrutinize the manner by which a company conducts itself on the web. This can be positive or negative, but it is essential to understand the challenges this presents to IT companies as tackling this can open the door to a successful digital marketing strategy. Consider the mobile applicability of your website. Is your online content up to date? If you have a blog are you posting regularly? If not then people will be wondering where you are. Finally, are you using social media effectively? These sorts of questions provide a starting point in understanding your online presence and present an array of opportunities in digital marketing transformation. “The manager meets the status quo; the leader challenges it”. Warren Bennis, considered to be a pioneer in the field of leadership studies makes a compelling point that many IT companies would be wise to heed. As an industry that has long revelled in the fruits of consistency, a new force is paving the way for change and IT must be prepared to face these challenges and meet them with innovative solutions. Eager to know more, then take a look at our whitepaper on Digital Presence and see how PDAgroup can help digitally transform your business.

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