Are You One Step Ahead of Industry 4.0?

October 15th, 2014

Two systems meet and one says to the other… What sounds like the beginning of a joke is everyday life in today’s digital economy. Today, machines, storage systems and manufacturing equipment independently exchange information, trigger actions and sometimes control each other—all without user intervention. So you might be asking yourself the question, “Do we even need people as a part of the workforce anymore?” The answer is yes! Actually now more than ever before.

With industry 4.0, industrialization has reached the next stage of development. IT has become more integrated into production processes, and the result has been intensifying internal and external interconnectedness. This requires finding employees with integrated thinking which helps them to thrive at the interface between business, production and IT. A computer scientist in a manufacturing company must have basic knowledge of production processes and mechanical engineering, and, in turn, an engineer must know about IT processes. For these new demands in the labor market, there are often no suitable trainings. But training is what is needed to close skills and tackle the challenges that shortages of skilled workers create. The European Commission, for example, expects that the ICT industry (information and communication technology) will see shortages of more than 900,000 specialists between now and 2015.

Innovative Solutions

Additional education is required. But this training need not amount to the equivalent of another college degree, but rather be more bite-sized and targeted. The aim is to provide qualified and motivated talents the skills that have actual relevance to companies. That’s precisely why over a year ago leaders from industry, politics and academia have teamed up to found Academy Cube together ( A non-profit platform that offers practical eLearning provided directly by the companies themselves—along with input from university training partners. The courses are mostly free. And while it’s at it, the platform also helps qualified job candidates get in touch with companies across Europe.

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In a digitized and networked economy with smart factories, machines are not replacing human beings as workers. Humans are still controlling the machines, and in order to do so, humans must have the appropriate skills. Get your staff prepared for industry 4.0 and stay one step ahead of the competition!

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