4 Ways Tablets Support IT Sales

April 17th, 2014

Have you already discovered what the tablet can do for your business? Whether you are an SAP partner, in the IT field or your business is in another industry, recent studies indicate that there are advantages to using tablets.

An AT&T survey shows that 67% of small business use tablet computers, up from 57% a year ago. Moreover the Sales Management Association reports that 70% of executives in sales organizations using tablets have increased their sales.

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Today the modern salesperson has a tablet to close deals faster than the competitors. To be professional and use a tablet as a sales tool, you should have the right set of apps. It is obvious that a tablet is light, mobile and has a long-lasting battery. But furthermore it looks much more professional to use a trendy tablet than a laptop. If there are multiple people in a meeting all of the participants can get a good view of the screen with a tablet, and if you are meeting with one person it can create a much more personal situation than staring into the screen of a laptop does. Using a tablet during a sales conversation will bring you the following advantages:   Access the Sales Material You Need As mentioned above, the most obvious reason for using tablets for sales is that they are easy portable and the simple use. You can bring all data you will use to a sales meeting including product descriptions and catalogues. This way it is much easier for the sales representative to go where the customers are and have no problems bringing everything along. You can use SAP mobile documents to keep all of your documents available to you at any time in any place on any device. You can show your presentation at your office on your PC, on the go with a smart phone, or one of your customer’s offices on a tablet. Real-Time Data With a tablet, you will always have the most up-to-date data. Before a sales meeting, you can check to see if any of your information has changed, and this could be the deciding reason to close a deal. The tablet should be connected to your CRM for changing customer relevant data like sales status, so you always have the correct data about your customers. You can correct the data from anywhere and share the updates with your sales team no matter where they are. Update your contact database directly at the customer’s office and send email follow-ups immediately after the meeting. Walk away from meetings with the administration already done. SAP CRM is also available for mobile devices. Make it Visual for the Customer Demos, videos or slideshows on tablets make it much easier to present products and offers to buyers and prospects. Demonstrating a real example on a tablet is convincing. For example if you want to sell an SAP Business One solution, you can you use the app for SAP Business One to demonstrate the program in a more appealing and interactive way than using your laptop. Show Your Customers How Easy Using SAP Solutions Can Be SAP Fiori enables companies to manage their whole business from anywhere and at any time with tablets and smart phones. Customers can, for example, use SAP Fiori at the gym with their smart phone. You can use SAP Fiori for your whole business or just to approve requests. Employees can manage their timesheets, sales representatives can check prices and availability, and purchasing agents can track purchase orders. As a sales representative, you can use SAP Fiori as impressive way to demonstrate that SAP can also offer users a great mobile user experience.   Simply put, with tablets in your sales process you can save a lot of important time.  You can check current prices and availability, update a customer profile, and work on the go or when you are waiting for a meeting. So why not give tables a try at your business?  It will certainly run smoother and might even save some paper. What tips do you have for using a tablet as a sales tool? Share them in the comments below.

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